GHOSTBAT/John de Campos

 John de Campos (GHOSTBAT) has been producing illustrations professionally since 2013. A born talent, John has been drawing since the age of 3. He went on to to take AP Art classes in high school and continued his art studies at Anne Arundel Community college for 2 years before dropping out and joining the workforce. After over a decade of bouncing around working 9 to 5's and with a child on the way, John saw an opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad and realize his dream of being a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. Thankfully, and due largely in part to the vibrant artistic community of Baltimore and support of his partner, John has unleashed GHOSTBAT on the world! Specializing in show posters, comics, t shirt design, album covers, character design and logos, John has covered a wide swath of illustration needs while sharpening a versatile but instantly identifiable style. When John is not drawing he spends time playing music in numerous bands and is a founding and active member of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.



National Bohemian Beer, Salt Lake City Weekly, Goonda Beersmiths, 15/4 productions, Shanklin Media, Baltimore Rock Opera Society, mc chris, Shonen Knife, Magfest, 89.7 WTMD Towson Radio, Pabst blue Ribbon Beer, Baltimore Magazine.